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Are Yesterday’s Business Processes Hurting Retail Innovation?

At PlumSlice, we frequently hear common concerns from our retail and distributor customers. One such question, and usually frustration, is how to be innovative beyond technology. Some companies have found that new technology provides a great platform for process improvements but that they still haven’t been able to meet their goals of driving true innovation. …

By Michele Tezer

When Managing Data, You Are Better Off Staying Inside the Box

Creativity is an essential element in ecommerce.  Consumers respond to compelling visuals, aspirational themes, and fashion fantasy.  While creativity often requires thinking outside the box, managing the enormous amounts of data flowing through the omnichannel simply requires more control – staying inside the box – and an adherence to standardization. At the Online Merchandising …

By Abnesh Raina

How to Better Engage the Mobile Customer

At’s recent Online Merchandising Workshop, one of the key takeaways was that retailers know mobile is the future in engaging the customer, whether millennials or baby boomers.  In the omnichannel environment, the channel that continues to gather influence as a potent force is mobile.  Mike Jones, PlumSlice SVP, Strategic Partnership, offers his observations on …

By Abnesh Raina

eCommerce Challenges For Omnichannel Retailers

PlumSlice will be rolling up its sleeves and participating in’s Online Merchandising Workshop, July 21-23 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.  It is a hands-on experience in which PlumSlice is looking forward to showcasing its cloud-based product collaboration suite and trading ideas with attendees looking to improve their product management operations and increase conversions.  Visit …

By Abnesh Raina

Merging Brick and Mortar with Ecommerce: Getting Rid of Silos

A Conversation with Mike Jones, PlumSlice SVP for Strategic Partnerships (Part 2) Q.  Given your experience in coordinating multi-functional tasks in organizations, what are key internal challenges you’re seeing today in ecommerce? A.  Many retail organizations continue to operate in silos; the online business is separate from their brick and mortar operation.  The inefficiency and …

By Abnesh Raina

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