PlumSlice Supplier Cloud

PlumSlice Supplier Cloud

A smarter way to collaborate with suppliers and scale your business

PlumSlice Supplier Cloud drives real operational efficiencies in the digital supply chain. It is a cloud-native supplier self-service solution where buyers and suppliers collaborate to manage a range of processes – from product catalogs, shipments, dropship orders, and invoices – to virtual merchandising supporting an expanded online assortment.

Know what’s happening, when it’s happening

  • Centralized access to all communications, documents, and decisions, including PO and supplier history, comments, approvals, etc., in one single auditable location
  • Track orders, shipments and invoices online and get proactive alerts of a potential issue

Onboard supplier catalogs via intuitive and easy to use interface

  • Suppliers can upload and maintain their full product catalog and price lists
  • Easy access to stocked and non-stocked supplier products
  • Simplify endless aisle functionality

Works standalone or can integrate seamlessly with your existing system landscape

  • Integrate and manage all your data with an extensive list of System APIs and manual Imports / Exports
  • Build your own custom apps on top of Supplier Cloud platform

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