Real solutions for real challenges

From planning to buying, to managing product data and digital customer experiences, to collaborating with vendors and selling b2b or b2c, PlumSlice has the cloud-native, enterprise-grade solutions retailers, distributors and suppliers need to stay relevant and ahead of the curve and maximize profits.

Designed for You

With fully integrated modules that can be implemented individually or in any combination, PlumSlice has a unique way of partnering with our customers to configure our solutions to meet business needs. With a seamless UI and API first architecture that easily integrates with existing systems, you can be up and running quickly and for a lower cost.

Better Results for Everyone in the Value Chain

PlumSlice solutions help everyone in your product value chain work better together, from product merchandising, sales, and ecommerce teams to external suppliers and customers, for greater productivity and better results.

PlumSlice Buyer Cloud

Buyer Cloud

The PlumSlice Buyer Cloud, with two modules ASSORT and SELECT, transforms the way buyers plan and buy.

PlumSlice Supplier Cloud

Supplier Cloud

A platform where buyers and suppliers collaborate seamlessly to power regular and endless aisle fulfillment.

PlumSlice ProductXP Cloud

ProductXP Cloud

Highly configurable product content workflow and governance solution to get products to revenue faster.

PlumSlice MarketPlace Cloud

MarketPlace Cloud

A robust end-to-end marketplace enablement platform custom designed for B2B enterprises.


PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Assort Assort
PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Select Select
PlumSlice Product XP Cloud Product XP Cloud
PlumSlice Supplier Cloud Supplier Cloud

PlumSlice empowers your leadership team by enhancing the communication and performance of your entire organization.

Using PlumSlice, executive teams can:


Product XP Cloud Product XP Cloud
Supplier Cloud Supplier Cloud

PlumSlice creates one “source of truth” for each product.

Ecommerce and online marketing professionals can:

Product Merchandising

Assort Assort
Select Select
Buyer Cloud Buyer Cloud

PlumSlice’s collaboration-based workflow speeds up decision-making.

Product merchandisers can:


Assort Assort
Supplier Cloud Supplier Cloud

PlumSlice allows your finance team to optimize vendor performance.

Finance also benefits from:

Information Technology

Product XP Cloud Product XP Cloud

PlumSlice reduces the risk of inaccurate data.

CIOs and IT Teams benefit from:

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supplier Cloud Supplier Cloud

PlumSlice erases global boundaries and enables real-time communication.

Using PlumSlice, purchasing, supply chain, and logistics can: