Enterprise-grade, Cloud-Native Solutionsto Plan, Buy and Sell Smarter.

PlumSlice is a cloud software company that is helping retailers, brands and distributors digitally transform the entire product journey – from concept to final sale – and maximize profits in today’s retail landscape. All with a significantly faster time to value for a lower cost.

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Our goal is simple: help you transform and turbo-charge your comprehensive digital footprint so you sell more and maximize profits.

  • Simplify assortment planning
  • Optimize new product selection
  • Drive operational efficiency in the digital supply chain
  • Manage product data workflows with powerful governance
  • Deliver personalized digital experiences
  • Expand with ‘endless aisle’ marketplace

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Real solutions for real challenges

Want to ensure improved product workflows and data accuracy to maximize sales?

PlumSlice ProductXP Cloud

PlumSlice solves team collaboration and data quality issues by enabling automated workflows, governance rules and supplier self-service. Internal and external stakeholders enjoy easy access to update relevant product content so you avoid mistakes and get products to digital channels faster.

Want to leverage supplier owned inventory through a simple ‘endless aisle’ implementation to scale your business exponentially?

PlumSlice Supplier Cloud

With PlumSlice, implementing an ‘endless aisle’ is fast and easy. Eliminate cumbersome manual processes by simplifying and automating supplier collaboration and catalog onboarding so you can sell more without having to own additional inventory.

Want to have your own industry or geography specific digital marketplace?

PlumSlice MarketPlace Cloud

With PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud, you can bring your suppliers and B2B or B2C customers together in your own marketplace much faster and for less. Quickly and easily on-board approved suppliers and their products and connect them with contract or end consumers for seamless commerce.

Want to have extremely productive tradeshow and buying trips so better products get to market faster?

PlumSlice ProductXP Cloud

PlumSlice transforms the way buyers buy by making the buying process collaborative, mobile and fast, so you eliminate time lags and get better and more competitive products to market faster.

Solutions Suite

All PlumSlice modules are fully integrated with each other and can be implemented individually or in any combination depending on your needs.

Market Place Cloud
Supplier Cloud
ProductXP Cloud
Buyer CloudBuyer Cloud: SelectBuyer Cloud: Assort
PlumSlice Buyer Cloud

Buyer Cloud


Simplify Assortment Planning

Flexible assortment planning solution to create, analyze and approve plans that will keep the right stock in the right locations, at the right times.


Optimize Product Selection

Mobile buying solution that streamlines information from tradeshows, vendors, suppliers, and internal teams to decide the best products to carry.

PlumSlice Supplier Cloud

Supplier Cloud

Enable Smarter Supplier Collaboration

Self-service solution where buyers and suppliers collaborate to power endless aisle, significantly increasing revenues with minimal to no inventory investment.

PlumSlice ProductXP Cloud

ProductXP Cloud

Deliver Personalized Digital Experiences Through Enriched Content

Collaborative workflow and data governance based repository delivering accurate persona based content to get products to revenue faster and assuring customers get best digital experience.

PlumSlice MarketPlace Cloud

Marketplace Cloud

Activate the Future of B2B Commerce

Full marketplace enablement solution that brings your suppliers and customers together in one place so you can sell more.

Why PlumSlice?

Our mission is to help retailers and distributors stay ahead of the curve and maximize profits by digitally transforming the planning, buying and selling process.


Designed for what you need

Enterprise-grade solutions with significantly faster time to value for lower cost
Easy to implement and easy to use
Self-service configurability for internal and external users

Built for how you work

100% cloud based platform for access anywhere, anytime, and on any device
Intuitive and informed user experience
Real-time insights and analytics to make better decisions, faster
Complement existing systems with flexible integration

By people who know

Designed and run by retail, digital and distribution experts that have a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today

Take advantage now of the most advanced and complete digital solutions to sell smarter and engage the consumer more deeply.

Trusted by the best

The Container Store
The Container Store

With rapidly expanding store openings in different store size formats, The Container Store turned to PlumSlice to enable them to move from a “same store”, one size fits all inventory planning, to localized assortment plans based on unique criteria, such as regional geography, local demographics and store size.

American Freight
American Freight

PlumSlice is providing American Freight the ability to manage and expedite the product selection process to ensure the right product is assorted to the right stores, giving the company the financial visibility needed to ensure company goals are met.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store

Due to its very large volume of SKU’s, Jo-Ann Fabric implemented PlumSlice solutions that enhanced their governance and workflow processes, significantly improving enterprise productivity and also directly impacting e-commerce revenue increases.


PlumSlice’s flexible data and attribute structures have given FarmaCorp the ability to quickly and effectively implement complex data rules across pharmacy and packaged products, improving enterprise productivity and accuracy of their product master data across the company.

Destination XL
Destination XL

PlumSlice is enabling Destination XL to enrich its product data in a scalable manner, apply data governance, and migrate away from Excel-based and manual processes for ensured expediency and improved data quality for its digital channels.

AC Moore
AC Moore

AC Moore is using PlumSlice’s Product Experience Cloud to streamline and enforce new controlled workflow processes across multiple business units and continents, all while moving away from disparate manual processes and enriching product data for its e-commerce business.

North Sails
North Sails



PlumSlice is providing SmartPower the supplier management and e-commerce tools to create an online, co-branded clean energy marketplace to help bring together organizations and companies looking to engage customers in energy efficiency and clean energy actions.

Eastern Mountain Sports
Eastern Mountain Sports

PlumSlice enabled multiple brands of Eastern Mountain Sports to enrich their product data in a scalable manner, apply data governance, and migrate away from Excel-based and manual processes for ensured expediency and improved data quality for its digital channels.


Creating demand before the product hits the shelves

Now more than ever, customers rule retail. And they're constantly chattering on social media about what they like and don't like. While listening to them is essential, the conversation often happens after the products are already out there. So how can retailers leverage all the available information about trends and products so the right product hits the market at the right time?
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