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PlumSlice Labs Releases Significant Enhancements to its Next-Gen Product Experience Cloud

New features enable 100% automation of complex multi-thread workflows, enhanced multi-site, multi-country, multi-brand and multi-lingual enablement, and several new system integrations

MIAMI – Nov. 29, 2018PlumSlice Labs, a pioneer and leader in cloud-native, collaborative solutions for retailers, today announced a series of new capabilities for its next-generation product experience management (PXM) solution, Product Experience Cloud, to help retailers respond to the increasingly complex demands of modern commerce. The new features will make it even simpler and more efficient for retailers to manage and distribute accurate and complete product data across the digital enterprise in near real time.

Improved Workflow Automation
Throughout the past year, PlumSlice has prioritized new product features that improve upon PlumSlice’s already powerful automated workflows. Retailers can now define and run multiple workflows in parallel to help solve enterprise chaos issues, save complex search queries, and automatically start and complete tasks based on user activity.

New Integrations
In addition to LDAP, PlumSlice now also integrates with WeaveUp to authenticate users and download product data and assets. PlumSlice also released an InDesign plugin to better manage eCommerce-related product photography and graphics.

Product Roadmap
In the next six months, PlumSlice plans to release deep learning algorithms to automate process flows based on multiple attributes at the item, variation, SKU and UPC levels. The company will also launch new features that grant users the freedom to define extended enterprise entities & attribute relationships along with APIs for meta data in order to better manage data needed for todays digital and agile enterprise.

“PlumSlice is focused on providing our customers the ability to source, enrich and syndicate data quickly, efficiently and in a user-friendly fashion,” said Abnesh Raina, CEO and founder, PlumSlice. “With our advanced product features, retailers can ensure that robust product attributes are fed to other enterprise systems such as forecasting, machine learning and supply chain. This reduces errors, improves the shopper experiences, and ultimately increases sales and customer loyalty.”

About PlumSlice Labs
PlumSlice’s mission is to help retailers and distributors embrace digital transformation so they can buy better, sell faster and maximize sales. Its collaborative digital solutions help retail organizations become more agile, and stay ahead of the curve. From solutions to transforming the way buyers buy, to enabling seamless collaboration with suppliers and connecting them with consumers, PlumSlice simplifies and digitizes the buying and selling process. The PlumSlice Suite was designed and developed by retail/digital commerce veterans that have a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today. PlumSlice Solutions are anchored in real-time insights and workflow collaboration so retailers and distributors can be more agile in using technology to drive efficiencies and positively impact the bottom line. Contact

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