PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud

PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud

The Future of Digital Enterprise Made Easy

PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud is a full marketplace solution that brings your customers and suppliers together on a single digital platform so you can scale your business by expanding product offerings without additional inventory costs. Our robust platform is designed especially for enterprises that have numerous and complex business requirements and rules, and allows you to create industry or geography specific marketplaces quickly and for a better value.

PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud

Make it Easy for Customers to Do Business with You

  • Digitize and automate customer preferences and constraints for order fulfillment.
  • Set up and manage relationships with suppliers who will dropship direct to customers on your behalf.
  • Upsell Additional Products Through Enhanced Content, Catalog Descriptions, and Search Comparison Engines.
  • Request and sell kit services via the web, provide tools for specific customers of your choosing, capture multiple quotes for suppliers, bulk processing of quote requests, and provide bulk quotes, etc.
PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud

Free Up Sales Teams to do Higher Value Activities

  • Guide customers to an online self-service ecommerce environment to decrease up to 90% of your sales costs.
  • 95% of B2B orders placed via web require no additional sales rep processing, so instead of doing things like manually tracking down order status updates, your sales team can now spend more of their time on actual sales activities.

Turn Existing Search Data Into Market Expansion Opportunities

  • Access instant market research by looking up frequently searched for products that are not in stock, and consider adding them to your product line for even greater sales potential.
  • Review your search results analytics, configure reporting metrics, give a Scorecard to your suppliers, track trends, analyze lead times.
PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud

Pricing Feedback and Dynamic Pricing Algorithms

Receive pricing alerts based on various factors including quote-to-order ratio,
so you can adjust prices accordingly.

PlumSlice Marketplace Cloud

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