PlumSlice Buyer Cloud

PlumSlice Buyer Cloud

Transform the way planners plan and buyers buy

PlumSlice Buyer Cloud streamlines the planning and product selection process by integrating top down financial and bottoms up assortment planning combined with the best-in-class mobile buying tools. With better plans and more productive tradeshow and factory visits you ensure the right inventory is available at the right times in the right locations to maximize sales and margins.

Buyer Cloud: Select

The Buyer Cloud SELECT module makes the buying process collaborative, mobile, and fast, so you eliminate time lags and redundant spreadsheets.

PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Select
PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Select

Real-time sharing to speed up decisions

  • Add prospective products wherever you find them: at tradeshows, vendor displays, factory visits, corporate offices, etc. and share directly from mobile
  • Select potential products and quickly compare side-by-side the attributes that matter
PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Select

Seamless External & Internal Workflow

  • Let your vendors upload products to pitch to you, and coordinate all options and inputs
  • Manage workflows from photography & copywriting to manufacturers & distributors

Never Lose Track

  • View all products in your pipeline in a single screen and see – at a glance – which are on schedule
  • Eliminate redundant spreadsheets and share product specs, history and progress with teams around the globe, eliminating isolated silos of information
PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Select

Buyer Cloud: Assort

The Buyer Cloud ASSORT module automates end-to-end planning for more thoughtful, localized assortment plans and optimized inventory investments.

PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Assort

Adaptable and Localized Planning

  • Work with PlumSlice’s interactive visual line list in combination with performance metrics to track sales by region, location, category, etc. and then easily adjust your assortment plans real-time to manage sales goals
  • Manage workflow and approval processes with global visibility and role-based access
PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Assort
PlumSlice Buyer Cloud: Assort

Make Data Work for You

  • Leverage data from multiple sources for superior insight on sales, margins, cost, inventory, geography, category, gender, and more
  • Use Big Data Analytics to track and compare products’ success and movements

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