The Demandware Product Data Dilemma

Demandware, now Salesforce Commerce Cloud, has long been one of the robust ecommerce platforms available to retail businesses. It’s a supercharged system that is awesome at doing what it was designed to do – handling the complex requirements of hosting a great ecommerce experience and maximizing customer conversions. It provides the scalability and agility to …

By Abnesh Raina

Major Retailers Identifying Next-Gen PIM as Core Element of Success

For major retailers, the complexity of adapting quickly to increasingly fluid customer tastes and expectations is a primary threat to maintaining success. Yes, these large retailers are generally capable of reaching customers on a wide variety of channels, offer broad assortments and can react to price pressures more easily than their mid-market and small counterparts. …

By Abnesh Raina

Next-Gen PIM: The Foundational Element for Increasing ROI of Other Tech Investments

As consumer taste changes faster than ever and digital distribution channels proliferate, the infrastructures of even the most advanced retailers are being tested. To serve customers better, retailers have been busy turning their legacy infrastructure into a modern enterprise, often making new investments in cloud-based ERP, CRM, order management systems, and more. In many circumstances, …

By Abnesh Raina

Ensuring a Successful Customer Experience through Unified Commerce

When consumers shop, they no longer expect to navigate multiple channels; they expect a seamless experience that is able to flow between the digital and physical, and one that always ends up with the product of their choice in their hands. Incorrect or missing product information across platforms can hinder the shopping experience and will …

By Abnesh Raina

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