PlumSlice empowers your leadership team by enhancing the communication and performance of your entire organization.

Using PlumSlice, executive teams can

  • Invest in technology that creates true business value by improving revenue and profit margins
  • Eliminate waste in the organization by implementing efficient workflow and collaboration-based processes
  • Stay ahead of the competition by collecting deeper insights into the global ecommerce model
  • Identify new market opportunities through better collaboration and analytic tools

Product Merchandising

PlumSlice's collaboration-based workflow speeds up decision-making.

Product merchandisers can also

  • Use PlumSlice to identify customer needs and trends much earlier in the production cycle
  • Eliminate costly production mistakes with more efficient and accurate communication
  • Capture a holistic view of product information, including images and drawings
  • Manage the continuous back-and-forth with suppliers more efficiently

Supply Chain & Logistics

PlumSlice erases global boundaries and enables real-time communication.

Using PlumSlice, purchasing, supply chain, and logistics can

  • Get greater visibility into product information, improving planning
  • Learn about changes in product lines sooner
  • Monitor supplier issues that may impact production costs
  • Collaborate with other teams via PlumSlice's centralized workflow feature


PlumSlice creates one "source of truth" for each product.

Ecommerce and online marketing professionals can

  • Easily share product content with both internal and external systems and stakeholders
  • Update and clean product information based on workflows, approvals and thorough stakeholder feedback
  • Get consensus and make decisions on pricing changes faster

Information Technology

PlumSlice reduces the risk of inaccurate data.

CIOs and IT Teams also benefit from

  • Collaboration tools that provide improved global visibility and reporting
  • Easy pre-ERP integration into existing systems
  • Attractive total cost of ownership based on PlumSlice's cloud-based service model


PlumSlice allows your finance team to optimize vendor performance.

Finance also benefits from:

  • Tighter control on production costs
  • Early notice of possible production delays
  • Comprehensive vendor information
  • Improved vendor selection
  • Insights into design and development plans