What is Supplier Cloud?

Supplier Cloud is a cloud-based web platform where buyers and suppliers collaborate to manage purchase
orders, product catalogs, shipments, dropship orders, and invoices

Onboard suppliers via intuitive and easy to use interface

  • Provide your Suppliers the ability to upload and maintain
    their product catalog and price lists
  • Your suppliers receive, accept, reject, negotiate, and
    work on your Purchase Orders via the web
  • Drive endless aisle (extended assortment) functionality
    within your organization

Know what’s happening,
when it’s happening

  • Track your Purchase Orders, Shipments and Invoices online
  • Centralized access to audit trail including PO and Supplier history, comments, etc
  • Get proactive alerts of a potential issue

Works standalone and if needed integrates seamlessly with your existing system landscape

Integrate and manage all your data with an extensive list of System APIs and manual Imports / Exports. Build your own custom apps on top of Supplier Cloud platform.