When Managing Data, You Are Better Off Staying Inside the Box

Posted by Abnesh Raina
September 03, 2014

Creativity is an essential element in ecommerce.  Consumers respond to compelling visuals, aspirational themes, and fashion fantasy.  While creativity often requires thinking outside the box, managing the enormous amounts of data flowing through the omnichannel simply requires more control – staying inside the box – and an adherence to standardization. 


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Bridge All Your Customers Shopping Channels With Real-Time Data

Posted by Abnesh Raina
December 13, 2013

This holiday season will set records for the number of sales made via smartphones and tablets.  One industry report says as much as 14 percent of retail sales, on average, will be generated by mobile devices.  That is an estimated increase of 40 percent from a year ago.  Omnichannel commerce will reach new heights in 2014 and we are encouraged that retailers are becoming more aware of consumers using virtually every channel available to them before making a purchasing decisi... Read more