Make Your Product Lifecycle Management Work in Web 3.0

Posted by Abnesh Raina
January 16, 2014

How do you quickly move your PLM from a 1980s model to one that works in our omnichannel, Web 3.0 world?  Traditional PLM was internally focused and worked when your team and supply chain were, more or less, in one place.  Now, with globalization, teams working remotely and customers shopping via many channels, you need a different kind of PLM that takes into account the need for fast, cloud based communication. 

We were fortunate to share our thoughts in an articl... Read more

Product Data Accuracy, Supplier Collaboration, Customer Engagement: My Talk with Susan Reda, Stores Media

Posted by Abnesh Raina
October 17, 2013

We had a great conversation with Susan Reda, editor of Stores Media, at the Annual Summit – giving Susan a 360 degree view of our PlumSlice mission, and specifically some of the pain points we are addressing with our collaborative platform.  As we told Susan, PlumSlice is bringing together the entire product workflow cycle in one place, via the cloud. It is a unique approach and the opposite of the siloed approach to workflow that has existed to date, where for example,... Read more