Annual Summit Reveals Product Info A Major Pain Point

Abnesh Raina
October 07, 2013

The Annual Summit in Chicago was a great success for our PlumSlice team.  We’ve had many interesting conversations with companies ranging from mom and pop operations to major Fortune 500 brand names.  What we’ve learned is that the issues of product information management are a serious concern to all organizations, large or small.  It was a perfect ‘aha’ moment for us, listening to merchandisers, product developers and IT people all tell us they are experiencing the same pain, that of trying to maintain accurate, consistent product information in an increasingly complex omnichannel retail environment.

Through demonstrations and conversations, the response to our product information foundation was overwhelmingly positive.  Again and again, we were told we were solving a pain point that has been plaguing these businesses for some time. 

The issue of data integrity is so critical in this bring-your-own-device culture in which your stakeholders, and customers, can access information in a variety of ways and via a myriad of channels.  Despite this complexity, you need to have data that is clean, correct and always up to date.  It’s a daunting task but one that can be solved with a robust product information management foundation.

This issue is only getting more complex as web based product aggregators gain in popularity. When you need to populate data through these shopping portals, the data must be absolutely accurate and timely. There is no second chance.  While these aggregators are a powerful way to distribute product, they do offer challenges in managing product information efficiently. was a great opportunity to further explore these challenges of maintaining correct product information for all stakeholders.  We look forward to continuing our conversation with all the wonderful people we met at the Summit.  And a reminder:  beta testing is open.  Sign up as a beta tester by visiting


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