Product Data Accuracy, Supplier Collaboration, Customer Engagement: My Talk with Susan Reda, Stores Media

Abnesh Raina
October 17, 2013

We had a great conversation with Susan Reda, editor of Stores Media, at the Annual Summit – giving Susan a 360 degree view of our PlumSlice mission, and specifically some of the pain points we are addressing with our collaborative platform.  As we told Susan, PlumSlice is bringing together the entire product workflow cycle in one place, via the cloud. It is a unique approach and the opposite of the siloed approach to workflow that has existed to date, where for example, ecommerce and retailing function within their own separate systems. 

Consider that we in retailing have a common goal – to effectively sell products – wouldn’t it make sense to design a system wherein all the moving parts can easily speak to each other, and collaborate?  That is the fundamental mission of PlumSlice and the foundation of our collaborative platform.

During the video interview with Susan, which can be viewed here, I mentioned one company we had worked with, that had no less than 17 different data spreadsheets, before the product even went to ERP!  Susan was intrigued by the idea of bringing this information, under one roof, if you will, eliminating the ‘silo effect’ and making it much easier for all stakeholders to collaborate, from internal teams to suppliers to your customers.

One of the unique aspects of our platform is a product research module which brings customer feedback much further upstream in the product cycle, literally at the design stage.  Think of your customers being able to share their thoughts at the inspiration stage and you can see how powerful an influence this can be in designing the right products for market.

Susan asked if Summit attendees had an ‘aha’ moment when listening to our description of PlumSlice and we mentioned one CTO who said his company had been waiting two years for this type of solution. We are gratified by the response and are working toward our 2014 launch of the complete system.  In the interim,  beta testing is open.  Sign up as a beta tester by visiting

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