How to Improve Communication in Your Online Retail Organization

Abnesh Raina
February 05, 2014

Reailers are selling in an omnichannel environment in which consumers know the products that closely match their desires and want those latest products now. They also expect any channel they choose to shop in to have up-to-the-minute, accurate product information. It's easy to see the disconnect here between what consumers expect and how many internal teams are handling day-to-day product management tasks.    

Information flow in any organization is often less than ideal.  In online retail organizations, with a multitude of product-related data points, the opportunities for communication gridlock are many.  Data that exists in spreadsheets can’t be shared easily among product management teams.  Details are missing in key emails from suppliers.  All of this adds up to inefficient communication, slower delivery times to market, and mistakes in promotional materials. 

Take a look at your internal team communication processes and also how you communicate with your supply chain.   Identify ways in which you can ease the gridlock by using the cloud and collaborative applications to share data more easily.  We recently offered tips on this subject in an article in Retail Online Integration, 5 Ways to Make Your Internal Operations Omnichannel, published January 28th.

Here are some key issues we address in further detail:

  • Unsiloing internal data: Audit for redundancy or inefficiency and make a plan for data consolidation.
  • One world, one goal: Look outside your internal teams and examine how you're communicating with your global supply chain, where the communication bottlenecks are, and where the production cycle is being slowed down.
  • Cloud collaboration: Whether you're manufacturing your own goods or sourcing them from vendors, globalization of your supply chain necessitates a means of communicating without the barriers of time zones.
  • Hearing the customer: If your collaborative platform is in place, you should be sending accurate, timely information out to consumers that's consistent across all channels.


For the complete article, including more information on implementing an omnichannel strategy, go to:

Retail Online Integration, “the retailers’ guide to cross-channel success,” is a great go-to source for marketing, e-commerce, operations and management executives looking for the latest news and analysis on the omnichannel retail industry. 


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