Need to Align with Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

Posted by Abnesh Raina
October 26, 2015

The evolution of technology especially, Cloud, Mobile, and Social at the same time during the last few years has changed the business landscape quite dramatically. Also on the horizon are wearable/ IoT, robotic, and Big Data technologies that are also going to have groundbreaking impact on commerce in the next few years, continually shifting consumer expectations and behaviors. While this will be challenging to deal with for some companies, others will use these to their advantage and spee... Read more

When Managing Data, You Are Better Off Staying Inside the Box

Posted by Abnesh Raina
September 03, 2014

Creativity is an essential element in ecommerce.  Consumers respond to compelling visuals, aspirational themes, and fashion fantasy.  While creativity often requires thinking outside the box, managing the enormous amounts of data flowing through the omnichannel simply requires more control – staying inside the box – and an adherence to standardization. 


At the Read more

How to Better Engage the Mobile Customer

Posted by Abnesh Raina
August 14, 2014

At’s recent Online Merchandising Workshop, one of the key takeaways was that retailers know mobile is the future in engaging the customer, whether millennials or baby boomers.  In the omnichannel environment, the channel that continues to gather influence as a potent force is mobile.  Mike Jones, PlumSlice SVP, Strategic Partnership, o... Read more

eCommerce Challenges For Omnichannel Retailers

Posted by Abnesh Raina
July 18, 2014

PlumSlice will be rolling up its sleeves and participating in’s

Online Merchandising Workshop, July 21-23 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.  It is a hands-on experience in which PlumSlice is looking forward to showcasing its cloud-based product collaboration suite and trading ideas with attendees looking to improve their product management operations and increase ... Read more

Merging Brick and Mortar with Ecommerce: Getting Rid of Silos

Posted by Abnesh Raina
April 15, 2014

A Conversation with Mike Jones, PlumSlice SVP for Strategic Partnerships (Part 2)


Q.  Given your experience in coordinating multi-functional tasks in organizations, what are key internal challenges you’re seeing today in ecommerce?

A.  Many retail organizations continue to operate in silos; the online business is separate from their brick and mortar operation.  The inefficiency and ... Read more

Conversation with Mike Jones, PlumSlices SVP for Strategic Partnerships (Part 1)

Posted by Abnesh Raina
March 31, 2014

PlumSlice is delighted to welcome Mike Jones to our team of eCommerce and technology veterans who are bringing you the industry’s first holistic solution to product information and development for the omnichannel market.  Mike’s credentials are outstanding:  he has led executive IT teams at Gap and served as Chief Development Officer for JC Penney.  Mike understands firsthand what needs to be done to move legacy organizations into the omnichannel environment and ... Read more

Podcast: The OmniChannel Challenge: What Is The Problem?

Posted by Abnesh Raina
March 11, 2014


This podcast is a conversation with Abnesh Raina, founder of PlumSlice, and Robin Robinson, PlumSlice Vice President of Customer Suc... Read more

Enhance Your Mobile Customer Engagement with Better Product Information

Posted by Abnesh Raina
February 12, 2014

The 2013 holiday season experienced a record number of sales from mobile devices:  of the $601.8 billion in sales, $95.7 billion was generated online, and 16.6% of these sales were mobile. That’s not to say mobile shopping has reached perfection.  Read more

How to Improve Communication in Your Online Retail Organization

Posted by Abnesh Raina
February 05, 2014

Reailers are selling in an omnichannel environment in which consumers know the products that closely match their desires and want those latest products now. They also expect any channel they choose to shop in to have up-to-the-minute, accurate product information. It's easy to see the disconnect here between what consumers expect and how many internal teams are handling day-to-... Read more

Tune Up Your Internal Organization for Better Omnichannel Results

Posted by Abnesh Raina
January 29, 2014

At the National Retail Federation's Big Show earlier this month, retailers and analysts talked about creating a single customer experience, recognizing that ‘omnichannel’  or ‘cross channel’ left out the most important element: the person choosing to make a purchase.  Allen Smith, CIO of Lululemon, w... Read more

Five Mistakes (R)Etailers Dont Have to Make in 2014

Posted by Abnesh Raina
January 22, 2014

As news stories this holiday season told tales of late deliveries and kids’ Christmas presents painfully absent under the tree, FedEx, UPS and probably wished more people had taken advantage of early holiday shopping.  Online shopping promos and a short buying season combined to create delivery gridlock closer to Christmas and the tales of woe heated up the social media u... Read more

Make Your Product Lifecycle Management Work in Web 3.0

Posted by Abnesh Raina
January 16, 2014

How do you quickly move your PLM from a 1980s model to one that works in our omnichannel, Web 3.0 world?  Traditional PLM was internally focused and worked when your team and supply chain were, more or less, in one place.  Now, with globalization, teams working remotely and customers shopping via many channels, you need a different kind of PLM that takes into account the need for fast, cloud based communication. 

We were fortunate to share our thoughts in an articl... Read more

Bridge All Your Customers Shopping Channels With Real-Time Data

Posted by Abnesh Raina
December 13, 2013

This holiday season will set records for the number of sales made via smartphones and tablets.  One industry report says as much as 14 percent of retail sales, on average, will be generated by mobile devices.  That is an estimated increase of 40 percent from a year ago.  Omnichannel commerce will reach new heights in 2014 and we are encouraged that retailers are becoming more aware of consumers using virtually every channel available to them before making a purchasing decisi... Read more

How Changing a Label Can Avoid a National Embarrassment

Posted by Abnesh Raina
November 20, 2013

Earlier this year, Target had to apologize for labeling a plus-sized dress ‘manatee’ while the same dress in a missy size was labeled ‘heather gray.’  No one can prevent every mistake, but perhaps, if these labeling plans had been incorporated within a collaborative, centralized product information management (PIM) system, someone might have noticed the difference and prevented a national embarrassment.

Traditionally, product management pulls in a num... Read more

Consistent Product Data across Channels: Core to Success in OmniChannel Retail

Posted by Abnesh Raina
November 02, 2013

By next year more than half of the 49.6 billion visits to the top 500 etailers will be generated by smartphone and by 2017, smartphone sales will total $31 billion, almost 10 percent of all ecommerce sales.  This is a compelling statistic I shared during a recent presentation at MobileCON in San Jose.  The conference draws some 2,000 companies who come together to explore the market opportunities for IT mobile products and services in our increasingly mobile-app oriented culture.... Read more

Product Data Accuracy, Supplier Collaboration, Customer Engagement: My Talk with Susan Reda, Stores Media

Posted by Abnesh Raina
October 17, 2013

We had a great conversation with Susan Reda, editor of Stores Media, at the Annual Summit – giving Susan a 360 degree view of our PlumSlice mission, and specifically some of the pain points we are addressing with our collaborative platform.  As we told Susan, PlumSlice is bringing together the entire product workflow cycle in one place, via the cloud. It is a unique approach and the opposite of the siloed approach to workflow that has existed to date, where for example,... Read more Annual Summit Reveals Product Info A Major Pain Point

Posted by Abnesh Raina
October 07, 2013

The Annual Summit in Chicago was a great success for our PlumSlice team.  We’ve had many interesting conversations with companies ranging from mom and pop operations to major Fortune 500 brand names.  What we’ve learned is that the issues of product information management are a serious concern to all organizations, large or small.  It was a perfect ‘aha’ moment for us, listening to merchandisers, product developers and IT people all tell us t... Read more

A Slice of...

Posted by Abnesh Raina
September 26, 2013

We’re live!  Our PlumSlice blog, A Slice of…, we hope will keep you informed, engaged and occasionally amused.  So what have we been doing besides thinking up blog titles?  PlumSlice has been super busy this year, putting the finishing touches on our cloud-based product collaboration solution, writing and publishing two ebooks and developing our beta testing community for our solution.

We’re also getting out into the bus... Read more