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Don’t deliver a product… Deliver an experience!

By PlumSlice Product Team

Our customers have reduced time to market by 50%, dramatically increased reach and conversions and reduced labor by over 200,000 hours annually.

PlumSlice – affordable, scalable, your fastest time to value!

PlumSlice PXC (Product Experience Cloud) completely transforms traditional PIM, MDM and DAM software for today’s hyper-active, omni-channel and AI-driven world. The only way to win online is with rich product-attributes (text, images, video) in one PIM/DAM system that can automatically send the right product data in the right formats that both internal systems and digital websites, marketplaces and social selling channels expect.

Your products must be selling on a wide variety of digital storefronts – or you lose!

Customers expect to shop your brands in stores, on your websites, on digital marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google, on social commerce sites like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and now even through Virtual Reality and Voice Commerce. It’s nearly impossible to ensure a compelling product story on an ever-increasing number of digital channels – each with different data requirements – until now! Seeing is believing. Let us show you how!

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