How can you manage product
content workflow for small yet global teams?

With PlumSlice PIM, teams around the globe can
share the latest product data and make fast decisions
based on complete current information.

PlumSlice PIM

It's 6PM. Which products are
behind schedule?

The PlumSlice DEVELOP dashboard informs your team of
every product's status, highlighting the ones that
are running late.

PlumSlice Develop

Which vendor has the perfect product for next season?

Track vendor products and purchasing decisions with PlumSlice SELECT to prepare for your next product lineup.

PlumSlice Select

When consumers search, will your products show up?

Follow the latest trends and search patterns
via PlumSlice RESEARCH LAB's unique customer
sentiment and behavior analysis powered by
Big Data analytics

PlumSlice Research

The PlumSlice Collaboration Suite has all these answers for you.

PlumSlice Collaboration Suite